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Are You Tired of hearing About all the hype in Solar


You want to add solar as part of your prepping, but do not know where to begin. We believe that shouldn’t stop you from taking that next step towards energy independence. With our Preparedness Solar Power Generators Plan Sets we have taken away the uncertainty of solar so you can get back to your life!

When it comes to your survival, you need access to a reliable energy source. There isn’t the option of waiting. With the Preparedness Solar Powered Generators plan set, you will be able to build an off-grid solar powered generator that will work without fail today. Isn’t it time you secured your energy future?

*Please note this plan set is a PDF file download and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view the file.

We searched the internet high and low to find a solid solar powered generator. Unfortunately, all we could find was a lot of hype and little follow through. Sure, we can build our very own solar panel, but that doesn’t help much. What are we going to do with a low wattage solar panel? A solar powered generator requires more than just a low watt solar panel. What about the charge controller? What about the Batteries? We could go on, but you get the point. In all of our searching, we could only get half of the story if that.

We were amazed at the lack of information out there. It is just not possible to secure your energy independence with what’s on the market today. Well, at least that was true until now. We set out to demystify solar powered generators. Our mission is to help provide tools for you to acquire that energy independence. And with our Preparedness Solar Powered Plan Set, we did just that.

*Please note this plan set is a PDF file download and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view the file.

If we are being honest here, who does? You didn’t come to this site because you are the foremost leading expert on solar power. You came here to find answer to you questions about solar power. And we are glad you are here. Let us be the professionals that we are and back fill the experience for you. In our plan sets, we took care of all the difficult parts for you. We did all the planning, sizing, and piecing everything together already. We even took the time to create detailed instructions, parts lists, product estimations, and places to buy the parts for you.

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Either way, we are more than confident that you will be able to build your very own solar powered generator. In fact, we are always here to answer any question you may have. After all, don’t you deserve the benefits of a solar powered generator?

How quiet can you get your gas powered electric generator? Are you willing to put that to the test? In the last several hurricanes to hit the US, gas powered generator after gas powered generators were stolen. In fact it has gotten so bad that people are designing ways to prevent their theft. The best method right now is to bring the generator in the house at night and go without electricity.

When it comes to keeping the noise down…

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